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Installation presented during the passage of the ENSP diploma, class of 2008.


Rear projection on suspended layer.

Video loop and sound, 5'11.May 2008.


Subjective video of footsteps on the asphalt, while a voice visually describes facts and dreams intertwined:


"I walk in a desert of red and orange rocks the sea descends and leaves between the sand hills a large pool of water I swim on the station platform I snort drugs under my scarf the fish bowl does not fit in my rucksack it is dark thousands of multicolored and luminous tulips in the garden I get off the train at London station the Imperial city is in ruins the country is at war an exhibition of tombs in the shape of chairs each contains a corpse narrow alleys where it is dark I look for a name on doorbells a box of rusty padlocks in my hands a large park a colonial residence there are goats and sheep I photograph the residence of the Pakistanis lay packets of cigarettes in front of the houses some carry vacuum cleaners a black mass in honor of a dead man with severed legs bulls on the ground being decapitated I ride a motorbike under a 2 horsepower I see a pink panther in the distance i pass by dutch buildings i enter an abandoned housing estate in a sunny room objects are on the ground i am sitting on the floor a bearded man in tights looks to the side the legs are trapped in the ceiling a camera is on the floor on an architect's table my brother's bedroom is a classroom there are computers on a student shoots people in an amphitheater before committing suicide a trapdoor to descend into a tavern lights in the shape of fish on the ground every intersection of the tunnel is guarded by armed soldiers a spy satellite is destroyed by an American missile narrow alleys it is dark an accident on the side of the road in the grass a severed leg i have to play the piano before being hanged in front of a crowd trying to run away listening to music on a tape recorder girl pressing all the keys leather nightgown at the pool i have no d the bathing suit I'm wrapped in a towel goldfish swim in the lobby baby birds in a nest on the sideboard and a pheasant in the dining room a hotel room jungle-like greenery in a corner of the room sleeping bags rolled up in a pet store i buy a frog it's a crab teeth falling out but it's toes bloody people in an elevator a baby is holding a bottle full of blood a man is drawing a cartoon he receives death threats a monster approaches I close my eyes my eyelids are transparent and I still see him."





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