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Image and Editing - Intuitive Spaces

 forElementary Forms,

exhibition teaserIntuitive Spaces at the Salomon Contemporary Art Foundation (Annecy),November 2016.

Image and Editing - Black Boxes

 forElementary Forms,

exhibition teaserBlack BoxesAtPlanetarium of Vaulx en Velin(Lyon),January 2016.

Achievement -Making-ofRed 3

Dcompletion of the Making ofthe red comic book 3ofSouryaAndMaudouxfor theLabel 619at the house ofAnkama,released on April 24, 2015.

Assembly- Domino#1

Editing of the performance trailerDomino#1from pictures ofMarikel Lahanaand piano interpretation ofTrami Nguyen

Editing - Nobody Knows

Editing around performanceNobody Knowsfrom pictures ofMarikel Lahana,on a soundtrack byPierre Jodlowski

Calibration - Kamo River

Color grading for documentaryKamo RiverofEric Richer

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