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“Then whirlwinds of snow will fall from all the areas of the wind.

There will be bitter cold and biting winds, and the sun will not shine.

There will be three winters in a row, and no summer in between (...)"

Excerpt from the Icelandic collection the Poetic Edda, 13th century.

Delivering the surface of a world in metamorphosis.

Stunned by the devastating winds in Iceland, I decided to alter all the films brought back from this trip. From these shots of sleeping landscapes, too deceptively silent, I provoke a close combat to release latent realities. 

In the hollow of my hands and under an attentive gaze, I observe the chemical alteration of the negatives. The baths attack the silver gelatin, sometimes tearing off everything in its path, until the initial image has completely disappeared. The decisive moment is then reinvented in this dance between delicacy and degradation of the metamorphosing support. 

Under the veil of the peeled off, torn off, lifted surface, new landscapes and perspectives emerge.

The series finds its first form in book, numbered and signed series /25 copies for the 2nd edition of January 2020.

Numbered and signed prints /15 copies.

In 2022, the artist designed a system for transferring and modifying the contrast of negatives, in order to produce silver baryta prints under an enlarger, without having to resort to digital technology.


Baryta prints numbered and signed, unique copies made by the artist.


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